6 months, 0% interest payment plan available


We are now offering No Slip Skid Trampoline Socks!

  • Non Slip. Control. Balance.
  • Made of breathable material, absorb sweat, freely breath
  • Soft and comfortable, keep your foot warm.



1. You Place Your Bulk Order

We only take orders of 1,000+ items. This ensures that we can give you the most competitive uniform printing rates without sacrificing quality.

2. We Set Up Your Inventory in Our Warehouse

It takes about 45 – 60 days for your inventory to reach our warehouse, where we store them for free for life. You can use our online marketplace to monitor your inventory at any time.


3. You Click-To-Ship New Uniforms to Any Location

Whenever one of your franchise locations needs any new uniforms, the manager of that location can simply log into our online marketplace and click-to-ship those items immediately for only $5.



Your days of haggling with manufacturers, managing inventory, and worrying about getting the right amount of uniforms to the right locations are over. We handle all the logistics for you!


Since we only work with bulk printing, we are able to secure the best rates upfront and pass those savings on to you. No one beats our prices!


We only source high-quality materials and require our manufacturers to pass rigorous quality control tests before earning our approval. Your employees will look great and feel comfortable!


We’re a tech company focused on simplifying logo uniform orders and fulfillments.

After launching VELTech Global and helping hundreds of businesses offer a better online experience to their customers, we received countless requests to apply our same technology to solve another nagging problem for franchise business owners and managers – ordering logo uniforms and getting them to all of their locations efficiently.

Our innovative model allows you to get the cost benefits of ordering in bulk and the time-saving benefits of only receiving the items you need when you need them. We handle all inventory storage and multi-location fulfillment for you!


What if I don’t need 1,000+ items?

Between employee turnover, business growth, and the daily wear and tear of working in a high-pace environment, most franchises go through uniforms quicker than they realize. Our model is effective because it allows you to plan ahead and never run out of uniforms, as well as enjoy more cost savings.

How does your inventory and fulfillment process work?

Once your items are produced, they are shipped to our warehouse where we store them for you for free. When any of your franchise locations need new uniforms, the manager can simply log into your company marketplace where all of your inventory is listed and your addresses are saved. Similar to shopping on Amazon, they simply select the items they need and which location to send them to, and we’ll ship them out immediately.

What do you charge for storage and fulfillment?

Our storage and fulfillment services are included in the price of your order. There are no setup fees and no storage fees for using the space in our warehouse. We also don’t charge anything beyond the cost of shipping for our fulfillment service.

Do you offer payment plans?

If you don’t want to pay the full amount upfront, we allow you to put 30% down and then pay the remaining balance with 3 monthly payments.

What are your shipping options and do you provide tracking information?

We offer $5 flat rate ground shipping. We can also ship uniforms overnight if you need them immediately. We always ship the same day during business hours or the following morning. You will receive a tracking number by email as soon as it’s available.

What if I decide to rebrand after placing a bulk order?

We understand that businesses have to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. If you decide to rebrand, we offer a 30% discount on your new uniforms when you match your previous order with your new order.

You can choose to have us ship the remaining old inventory to you or to a charity if you have no use for those items.

I need uniforms ASAP! Do you offer emergency printing for immediate delivery?

We typically don’t do bulk printing in-house because it’s not as cost-effective for you. However, we keep blank uniform items in stock and have the capability to provide emergency uniform printing in small batches. Contact us right away and we’ll take care of you!

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